Technical Help

Sometimes we all just need a little extra help.

Screen resolution settings.

Our sites were designed for 800x600 and higher screen resolution. Please try changing your screen resolution to at least 800x600. Right-click on your desktop Select "Properties" Select "Settings" Select Screen area of at least 800x600 Click on "OK."

How do I install plug-ins?

Here is a list of video plug-ins and the links to where you can download them. These applications install very easily and will enhance your viewing experience. Once you download the plug-in, run the installer, and follow the instructions. You will probably then need to restart your computer or at least your browser after installation.

I'm getting weird colors when I use IE to view videos?

Your display adapter may only be capable of rendering 256 colors, or, more likely, your display's control panel is set to 256 colors. If that is the case, set your display's control panel to thousands/millions of colors or high color/16 bit. Select "Display" or right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties" to correct the problem. You'll need to quit and re-launch your browser to reset the colors. If your video hardware is not capable of displaying more than 256 colors at your chosen resolution, the video will still work, but it may be oddly colored and/or look slightly fragmented.

What can I do to get the audio to play smoothly?

Users with less than a 56K connection do not have enough bandwidth to receive both audio and video. The software gives preference to the video therefore you should mute your computer's volume.

How can I improve overall video and audio quality?

Broadband connection will have a better advantage with video and audio quality. If you have dial-up connection, pause the video to increase the buffer size. The longer you pause the video, the better it will look and sound once it begins playing.

What should I do when get error messages or my video just won't play?

Clear your browser's cache and restart your browser.

I'm a Mac user and I'm having difficulties streaming or downloading movies.

Windows media player is available for the Windows, Windows Mobile and Mac operating systems. If using QuickTime, please make sure you have the latest version installed.

I'm using Internet Explorere 11 and I can't log in

Some members using the latest versions of Internet Explorer have reported that they are unable to stay logged in. Sometimes it will let you log in other times it will not at all.

Due to issues with Internet Explorer that we have no control over, you will need to use either Firefox or Chrome to be able to access our sites at this time.

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